CAMP History & Mission:
Founded in 2013 the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP) brings the benefit of professional mentoring to new and transitioning Colorado lawyers. Through attorney mentoring CAMP promotes professional pride and identity in the legal profession; promotes the pursuit of excellence in service to clients; promotes the value of inclusiveness and diversity; and promotes strong relationships between the bar, courts, clients, law schools and public, through the teaching of the core values and ideals of the legal profession and the training in the best practices for meeting those ideals.  

Who are the Mentees?
Licensed, active lawyers, who is either practicing or is intending to practice law in Colorado. Many mentees are within their first three years following admission to practice law in Colorado, however our programming is available to any licensed, active Colorado attorney regardless of years of practice. The lawyer need not be a member of a bar association, legal organization, Inn of Court, or law firm. Mentees need only have the interest and commitment to complete a structured mentoring program. Mentees can self-identify mentors or have a mentor assigned to them.

Who are the Mentors?
A Colorado attorney or judge, with an active license, in good standing or retired Colorado attorney or judge, who retired from the practice in good standing. Mentors should have a minimum of five years practice experience, although younger attorneys may mentor with an experienced co-mentor on occasion. Mentors must have the commitment and availability to complete a structured mentoring program.

Why Should I mentor through camp?
CAMP approved mentoring plans will allow each mentee and mentor to receive up to 9 CLE credits, including 2 ethics credits (at NO CHARGE) upon successful completion of the Program. CAMP’s relationship with a variety of co-sponsors across Colorado allows the mentee/mentor pair to engage in relevant and meaningful social activities in their hometown or law firm. While the Program has components that include group activities, an emphasis is placed on the one-on-one professional relationship between the
experienced lawyer and the less experienced lawyer because this is one of the best ways to pass on the
values, ideals, and best practices of the profession.

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What participants say

“This mentor program has made a huge difference for me as a new solo practitioner in Colorado. My mentor has increased my knowledge and helped me confidently manage my practice. His help has been instrumental in making sure that I am doing all I can to advocate for my clients and avoid problems with my cases. I am happy to provide my strong endorsement of the mentor program. Thank you so much for all you do!”
- Ryan Malnar, Mentee, Malnar Law PC